Happy Buyer with Busy Schedule

“I was very picky when it came to choosing the right realtor for buying my first house. Before I met Charles, I had 3 realtors I spoke to, but eventually did not want to work with them due to variety of reasons. My very first realtor told me, during my first meeting in her office, I was being too picky, I can’t have everything I want in the house, and I need to settle with some shortcomings. My 2nd and 3rd realtor was not responsive and couldn’t schedule showing to fit my schedule. I understand I am being selfish in this regard, but my schedule was very inconsistent, so I had to schedule everything last minute. This is where Charles outshines everyone else. Charles is responsive, and always worked hard to fit showing according to my schedule. I even had days where I would call him a few hours before for a showing, and he made it happen. He also has a lot of enthusiasm about what he does, in a way that make his customers feel very comfortable. He was never pushy, and he knew after a few showing, exactly what I was looking for in a house. He was also able to point out the major repairs a home needed, just to give me a heads up on what I needed to prepare for in the coming years, if I were to choose that particular house. Another important attribute I need to mention about Charles is that, he didn’t give off the “sales person” vibe, that I got from the first 3 realtors. He was very personable and down to earth, and very honest about his opinions on the particular home. It was very comfortable working with him. Being a picky person I am, it took me 4 months to find a home. In those 4 months Charles never pushed me to settle on anything. He was always happy to schedule showings. I could tell he enjoyed his job, and he focused on making his customers happy, rather then trying to make a quick sale. I would recommend Charles to anyone looking to purchase a home. I Highly Highly recommend him! One more thing to comment is that, even after I bought my house, he always follows up with me to see how my house is doing. He even came over to fix a very minor electrical issue at my house.